Important amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure
The amendment to the Code of Civil Procedure changes almost 300 articles of the CCP.
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Amendments to the Code of Civil Proceedings


On 7 July 2013 the Act of 10 May 2009 amending the Code of Civil Proceedings enters into force. The act introduces obligation to use registration numbers (NIP, PESEL, KRS) in official documents filed during proceeding.

Registration of the limited liability company using Internet


On 1st January 2012 new provisions of the Commercial Companies Code entered into force  (Journal of Laws No. 92 item. 531 of 2011), providing the opportunity to register a limited liability company using Internet.

New mortgage regulations


The Law of 26 June 2009 amending the Law on mortgage and land register and mortgages (Dz.U.2009.131.1075) entered into force on 20 February 2011.


The new law eliminates the previous division on regular mortgage and bail mortgage.

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